Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacationing in an RV - review and ratings

Vacationing in an RV provides an excellent opportunity for families to have fun together. It is estimated that owning an RV reduces vacation costs by 60% to 75%, which means you can afford to get away more often. Take a weekend trip to your favorite get-a-way or visit America’s amazing national parks and landmarks. Your RV is home away from home and can be ready to take your family on a fun-filled adventure within hours.

Are you looking for RV Reviews for help in your purchase of a recreational vehicle? The authority website on rv reviews is JR Consumer Resources, Inc. They have developed a comparison guide that has ratings and reviews for all the top rv manufacturers.

Travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and tent campers are all forms of towable RVs. As a class, towables are the most popular RVs by far. Traveland USA can help you plan your next RV vacation or excursion. From campground recommendations to coach club contacts and more, we’ll get you the information you need for a memorable RV experience. Travel on gravel roads is prohibited by our insurance company. If you take the Motorhome/car on a gravel road and there is a mechanical failure, you are responsible for having the vehicle towed to the nearest appropriate service center.


jason said...

Vacationing in an RV is great to keep the family close. We used to rent an RV once a year and travel from California to Washington. We later figured that the $2000.00 that we would pary for rental fees plus milage once a year would pay for a 30 foot travel trailer that is mine to keep.

RVing is a very affordable and fun thing to do. It is very cheap when you have a few local sites to visit. Kids love it.

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Matt said...

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