Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fuel prices slow RV sales, drive increase in camping

AUBURN/FREMONT, Ind. (WANE) - If you think filling up your car is expensive, try filling up an RV.

"They're 50 gallon tanks so it's about twice what it would cost you to fill up a full size sports utility," explains Ben Davis RV General Sales manager Joe Hysong.

The expense of higher gas prices is taking a toll on the RV industry as more people skip larger models in favor of smaller ones that use less fuel.

"The ‘Winnebago View', which is a smaller diesel engine, we've sold a few more of those," says Hysong.

But on the other hand he says, "We're seeing a slowdown on our class A and big heavy duty diesel pushers."

While high fuel prices may be hurting some RV sales, it's actually helping business at a number of area campgrounds. Read more...

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