Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Class A motorhomes: The class A motor homes are the biggest motor homes available and are much bigger than the class B and class C motor homes. There are a number of variations that one may choose from. The Class A motor vehicles are typically available in two power modes. One type of the class A vehicle is powered by gasoline and the second version runs on diesel.

Class C motor homes: Class C motor homes are very popular among the available classes, however they are more powerful due to the reduced load. These power homes can accommodate several people comfortably. To increase the space inside the power home one may also extend the sidewalls, and a side out may be included for specific purposes.

The motor home is also known as recreation vehicles or RV's as they are capable of providing all possible facilities that one can get in a traditional home. Motorhomes can be considered as a mobile home or a house on wheels.

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