Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting The Most Out Of Your RV

To get the most out of RVing you need to ask yourself some important questions. What are the things you enjoy doing most? If it's off-road pursuits, then you'll want to consider a toy hauler, which can hold your favorite toys like an ATV or motorcycle. If you enjoy sightseeing at state and national parks, a motor home might be the way to go. With a record number of RV communities and parks being built to accommodate the RV lifestyle a Class A or C motorhome may be the answer.

If hiking and biking are your hobbies, you may want to purchase a bike rack and install it on your travel trailer. Who cares what you look like going down the road? When I see rigs like this I say to myself, "Now these folks know how to squeeze enjoyment out of life."

Some are predicting fewer sales this year because of the problems with the economy.

The industry may see a 10% to 20% drop overall in RV sales, but this could be the BEST TIME to purchase an RV in my opinion. Most RV dealers will have high inventories and I expect many dealers will slash their prices to make sales.
I have said it before and I will say it again, 2008 will be a great time to purchase an RV. But before you rush out to start looking at RVS, be sure to get your copy of our best-selling book, "RV Comparison Guide".

We rate 60 different RV Manufacturers and over 120 best-selling models. Get the facts before you buy and save TIME, MONEY and best of all select the RIGHT RV UNIT for you and your family.

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