Thursday, May 29, 2008

Airstream RV's

Airstream's trailers offer a low center of gravity and independent torsion axle that give you great control no matter where the road may take you. Add to this the fact that an Airstream RV travel trailer's aerodynamics gives you approximately 20% better fuel economy than towing a conventional box trailer, and it is easy to assume that Airstream is rated well among its competitors in the RV industry. There is more to be said about this unique brand of recreational vehicles, though. Airstreams often last 40 years or more; that’s almost 3 times the typical 15 year life span of a conventional trailer. Because of their popularity and longevity, Airstreams hold their value much longer than other travel trailers on the road today, so an Airstream can be a very good investment. Read more about Airstream Ratings.

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