Friday, December 18, 2009

10 Rain Suits For Bikers

Today, bike riders have several choices when it comes to motorcycle rain suits. They can choose from rain suits that are strong, flexible and made of a variety of materials. Here are ten rain suits for bikers:

1. BMW KLIMA KOMFORT SUIT: This rain suit that is made of a poly fabric called Taslan is highly abrasion resistant and supple. It has large swatches of reflective material, bonded seams, high collar, storage pouch and rubber coated buttons.

2. CYCLEPORT PENTA: This comprises of two separate pieces that are sold separately. It is made of waterproof yet breathable membrane and has a main opening sealed by a three way gusset system. Its other important features are: double flaps on the outer pockets, hook-and-loop closures, corduroy lining on the neck, and built-in fanny pack inside to double up as a large storage pocket.

3. DOWCO LEGEND: This is a light rain suit and can be easily packed. It has large vents at the shoulder and inconspicuous reflective stripes . It is good for light showers but not for medium or heavy showers

4. DRY RIDER PRESS ON REGARDLESS: This rain suit is available both as two separates pieces or a single piece. Its neck is higher at the back, and can be tucked into the helmet. Similarly, the jacket is longer at the back and can be tucked under oneself. It also has a long trouser length so the legs don't ride up.

5. FIRSTGEAR RAINMAN: It is made of polyurethane-coated nylon. The rain suit has
full liner for comfort and is easy to wear.

6. HARLEY-DAVIDSON 3/4 PACKABLE RAIN SUIT: This is one rain suit that is made for extreme weather. Its rider-friendly features include non-slip butt panel, heat-resistant inserts on the inner legs, helmet-friendly hood and large openings for booted feet.

7. NELSON-RIGG AX-1: This PVC-coated polyester raincoat has small vents under the arms and the back, jacket with only partial mesh interior and a 17-inch-long zippered gusset down the legs to let in large boots

8. TOUR MASTER ELITE: This rain suit, which is made of polyurethane-backed nylon with a mesh lining, has a corduroy lined collar with a hook and flap closing, small vents under the arms and at the back of the jacket and optional heat-resistant Nomex leg panels.

9. TRIUMPH CHEVRON OVERSUIT: This is yet another rain suit that is suited for extremes. It is made of polyurethane backed nylon, has two full length zippers, a highly reflective stripe and its own storage pack.

10. BELSTAFF TSUNAMI: This is made of high-quality nylon coated with polyurethane, mesh liner to prevent sticking and aid air circulation, three pockets and an adjustable crotch strap

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